Other Goals

Transformation is about a lot more than getting into shape and learning to eat right. It's also a journey into being a better you. To me being a better version of myself invovles becoming mentally and spiritually stronger in addition to healthy. I'd like to pay off my credit card, learn a new language, become a great bread baker (I really love bread), be better at math, and read more. To do all this I need to make some smaller goals as action steps. Below I list some of the small goals in progress that I need to accomplish in order to achieve new levels of greatness. :)

Goals in progress 
1) Pay off 25% of my Credit Card         
2) Build a 100 Word Spanish Vocabulary
3) Learn to Make English Muffins
4) Finish the book I started reading months ago
5) Master Exponents, Radicals, & Scientific Notation

Accomplished Goals
Master Fractions & Decimals [6.26.13]

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