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I'm Ryan and I'm trying to get into shape. I'm turning 30 at the end of this year and I don't want to start my thirties like I lived my twenties. I'm doing this for my family and I'm doing it for my health. Sure, I want to look good but that matters a whole lot less today then it did 10 years ago. I'm addicted to food. I love fatty, greasy, cheesy foods. I love bread. I love fatty, greasy, cheesy foods on bread (pizza!). I've struggled with my weight and though I'm not huge I am still dangerously overweight.

Diabetes and heart disease run in my family making me more likely to get sick. Compound that with all the fat around my midsection and I come even closer to danger. I have dreams of running triathlons, rock climbing, and playing sports with my son. These dreams are more like fairy tales right now as I struggle to even get up out of bed in the morning.

I wasn't always like this. Ten years ago I was 19, about 160 lbs, and in great shape. I was into martial arts, majoring in health & wellness at the local community college, and working out around 6 hours a day. I wanted to be a fight choreographer and personal trainer in Hollywood. Life got in the way. I switched majors to Psychology, started working full time, and began an obsession with caramel white chocolate mochas. As time went on I found a job working nights on a suicide/crisis line. To pass time, fight boredom, and soothe the mind I ate. Every night I had either Sonic, KFC, Chinese food, or McDonald's. I'd also gobble up the cookies, Swiss rolls, chocolatey nutty bars, and whatever other sweets we had around for the volunteers. I gained 30 pounds during this period.

After I met my wife I seemed to really let myself go. She's an amazing, sweet, and beautiful woman but we are no good for each other when it comes to choosing dinner (or lunch, or breakfast for that matter). During the 3 years we've been married I gained another 30 pounds. Now I want to get back down to weight. I want to be that guy I was when I was 19. It may be foolish to think like that but I consider that to be the time when I was at my best and doesn't she deserve me at my best?

So here I am, fighting my addiction, fighting my lack of motivation. I'm doing it for my health, I'm doing it for my family. Follow along from Day One onward as I make this transformation ..... or fail miserably trying.


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  1. Your story sounds just like mine. I've always heard the phrase "fat and happy" and it looks like for both of us, the happiness of marriage brought along a lot of extra poundage. Good luck to you, we can both do this!