Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day! (Day 14)

Oh how I ate horribly. The frozen custard place was giving away free concretes to dads, I made my father a pizza, and my wife got me a father's day cookie cake.

The weekend was a bust regarding working out but I want to remain positive. I had a good weekend. We bought another car and the kid is starting to walk. Life is stressful and I turn to food to ease that stress--I'm not making excuses, I'm just identifying a trigger. It's ok though, the stress will pass and tomorrow I can get back on my diet. I can start working out again. It's always a new day and it's always a new beginning.


  1. I have had some of the same issues the last couple of weeks. The main thing is to just move on and start right back up. We are human, we are going to have setbacks. The real trick to losing it permanently is to go right back to healthy eating.

  2. First of all Happy Fathers Day! If your son is only 11 months old then this was your very first?! How exciting! You had a free pass in my book to do whatever the heck you wanted to this weekend. Your family was celebrating you and you deserved to celebrate with them! And good for you for staying positive in spite of splurging a little bit. Keep it up, and good luck this week! You can do it!