My Fitness Goals

Goal 1: Hit target weight of 160 lbs.
             Reward: Special Date; Show, Dinner, Bowling @ Red Pin, & Desert

Subgoal A: Break 210 lbs.          (in progress)
               Reward: new video game

Subgoal B: Break 200 lbs.          (in progress)
               Reward: Roadtrip to Eischens Bar in Okarche

Subgoal C: Break 190 lbs.          (in progress)
               Reward: Rock Climbing or Canoeing

Subgoal D: Break 180 lbs.          (in progress)
               Reward: A Professional Shave

Subgoal E: Break 170 lbs.          (in progress)
               Reward: A Bike for Felicia and I

Goal 2: Run 5 miles straight
Current consecutive count: 0.5 miles

Goal 3: Run 1 mile in under 10 minutes
Current 1 mile time: [untimed]

Goal 4: Do 100 push-ups in a row
Current consecutive count: 20 push-ups

Goal 5: Do 10 pull-ups in a row
Current consecutive count: 0.5 pull-ups

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