Monday, June 3, 2013

Day 1

Today is officially Day ONE of my 90 day challenge to lose weight.

Here is how the breakdown should go:
Day 1: June 3rd: 217 lbs
Day 30: July 2nd: 198 lbs
Day 60: August 1st: 182 lbs
Day 90: August 31st: 165 lbs

Of course this timeline is very optimistic and I'll be lucky to even lose half the weight I plan to in that amount of time. Still, this is the goal and I will bust my ass to accomplish it.

Every transformation story needs a before picture. This is so embarrassing but necessary: here are my before pictures...

July 3rd: 217 lbs
July 3rd: 217 lbs

The next pictures will be taken at the 30 day checkpoint on July 2nd. Hopefully I will have lost nearly 20 pounds by then. They say that 5 pounds of fat equals to roughly the size of a loaf of bread. Just looking at the pictures I know that taking 4 loaves off will be a huge improvement!

Didn't eat well at all. First I skipped breakfast, had a small sandwich and cottage cheese for lunch, then ate at Steak & Shake for dinner. I'm thinking that I ate a bad dinner today because even though I had a plan to eat healthy I didn't have the means of eating healthy (or at least of fighting the temptation to eat unhealthy). What I should have done today was either pack a good dinner (because I was so far away from home and was going to get in later than usual for dinner, it was easier to buy out and eat on the way back home) or have something waiting for me to cook back at home (which I had nothing ready at all--not even the slightest clue). Lesson learned, I'll prep better next time.

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