Monday, June 24, 2013

Week 4 begins

I weighed in this morning at 213.0 lbs. That is a loss of 3.3 pounds from the end of week 2 where I had gained weight that week. The biggest success though is that my current weight it 0.8 lbs from the end of week 1 so I am improving though it's frustrating knowing that I'm starting my fourth week and have only managed to lose a total of 4.2 lbs. I have to remind myself though that an average of one pound a week is healthy and even though I want to lose a lot of weight very fast that losing it gradually is better in the long run. This journey is about developing new habits for life. It's about being more active for the next 80 years to 100 years and not about getting in shape for one summer only to go back to old ways. When I look at it this way its ok to lose very little each week. A loss of one pound a week will yield 52 pounds lost in a year and whats a year compared to the rest of your life?

I'm doing good and slowly I'll keep getting better.

In other news (and this could be graphic, so fair warning) I was out running this morning and came across a opposum on the side of the road that had been hit by a car. On my way back I heard a small sneezing sound coming from the opposum. I started looking for where the sound was coming from thinking that the opposum was still alive or that one of it's organs nearby was still beating. It took a while for me to make sense of the situation but when I did I realized that that was no organ; it was a baby opposum crying for help in the street. I sprinted home and got a container and some socks to put him in. The little thing was no more than 3 inches long and still blind to the world.

My wife and I called around to find someone who could help it. We placed the opposum in a box with some more fabric and set it on a low to warm heating pad so that it could stay warm. Finally a friend of Felicia's said to check out Wild Care

I rushed out and got there as soon as they opened where they assured me that he or she would be fine. They were confident that the little opposum would be able to be bottle fed and they gave me a tracking number to check back on how the baby is doing! We can't wait to check back :)


  1. Great job this week! Congrats on the loss! The story about the possum made my heart melt, that poor little baby! I am an animal lover and spent most of my younger years rescuing small rodents from my killer cat, so I would have done the same thing. I'm excited to hear how he's doing too!

  2. Great week's weight loss! Good job!

  3. Congrats on the weight loss and what a touching story about the baby oppossum. That was so good of you to rescue it. You have a very kind heart.