Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Barriers to Progress

I'm calling this a pre-week, where I just get the feel for the idea of working out and eating right. I'm doing this so that I can ease myself into the 90 day challenge. It won't even last a full week--maybe I'll start my 90 days this Saturday or Sunday. If I started today or Monday I'd already feel like a failure from how pathetic my workout has been and from how horrible my diet has been. I'd have given up this journey too but this pre-week is also like a "cheat week"; a week of instant forgiveness and learning where the pitfalls are going to be and how I plan to work around them.

Already I see that temptation for bad food is great. At work co-workers will offer me thier unwanted fast food fries (and how can I resist when it's complimented with Raising Caine's sauce?). At this very moment there is a half a bar of chocolate with almonds sitting on my desk--a cheritable donation by a co-worker--and I am going to eat it. After I officially begin my 90 day challenge I won't be allowed to cave. I'll have to reject their leftovers. Potlucks will be veritable minefields of unknown calories I'll have to navigate. I won't always be at the office or be able to go home for lunch and will need to plan to eat in the vans. Fast food will be the most accessible at work.

Home won't be much easier either. I'll have to contend with daily fatigue pulling me away from making my own meal instead of eating out. The meals will be boring, bland, and uncomfortable; begging to be dressed up in butters, creams, and delicious fats. I'll fight with my wife over what horrible meal to make next, always pulling her from the same temptations I find myself lured by, hopeing she can drown out the siren's call just long enough for another day to pass. Will we be strong enough?

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